SEO Leads Provider Requirements

We Only Work with High Quality SEO Providers

All Providers Must Meet Our Requirements for Approval:

  1. Minimum of 1 year experience working in supported industries.
    We only match shoppers with providers who have at least 1 year of experience working on SEO projects within the shopper’s industry. There are a lot of nuances in SEO between different industries, so in order to ensure our customers get the  best results, we only recommend providers who have prior industry experience.

  2. Provide the following standard monthly reporting:
    - Itemized time report
    - Search engine rankings
    - Revenue

  3. Maintain 95% Client Satisfaction Rating
    -  Each client sourced from SEO Leads will be asked to review the quality of provider services.
    -  Providers must maintain an aggregate client satisfaction rating of 95% or better
    - SEO Leads providers who fall below the required 95% quality rating will be put on 1 month probation and given the chance to improve their quality rating. If no improvement is made providers will be removed from the provider list.

  4. Pricing reflects past experience and capabilities
    - We match SEO providers with companies based on a number of metrics, and budget is a big one. Approved SEO service providers must price based on past experience and proven capability. Not every website needs nuclear-power SEO, and some industries require significantly more experience than others. We know the difference, and match you based on your project’s specific requirements.

  5. Verified client list
    - We understand non-disclosure and non-compete agreements, however, if you are not able to provide any verifiable SEO work, then you are not a fit for SEO Leads.
    - All SEO Leads service providers must present a client list of at least 3 past or current clients to be verified by our approval team.

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