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SEO Leads – A Better Way to Shop for SEO Services

J. Lansing Sylvia J. Lansing Sylvia Fundraising Consultant

“SEO Leads was instrumental in helping with our company’s needs”

Search engine optimization is one of the most powerful mediums for advertising your business, and finding the right SEO for your project has become a tough task – that is why we created SEO Leads.

Our goal is to give people shopping for SEO some real options.
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Not everyone has a huge budget and not every project needs the world’s best SEO. We match up shoppers and providers based on the specific requirements of each project, paying close attention to what matters; cost, competencies, availability, and sometimes location.

We know how valuable SEO is to online businesses. In many instances it can make the difference between keeping the lights on and opening new locations; whether brick and mortar stores or new websites.

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We Understand Search Engine Optimization

we understand search engine optimization

With nearly a decade of experience in the SEO industry, we  know what it takes to successfully match SEO projects with their ideal providers.

We have deep industry experience across a wide range of search engine optimization verticals, ranging from consumer products and software to healthcare, professional services, and consulting.

Our team is led by recognized industry experts who have worked with some of the biggest brands on the planet to help them realize serious ROI from their SEO campaigns.

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Working as a marketing professional at a small business, SEO is a concept that I know is important, but is also completely new territory for me. SEO Leads was instrumental in helping me to evaluate our company’s needs.


Due to their industry knowledge and ability to interface with people on all levels, SEO Leads was able to recommend not only someone that will help my company…but also a consultant that is going to help me grow as a professional.


- J. Lansie Sylvia, Fundraising Consultant

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SEO Companies & Consultants – Grow Your Business

Ian Howells Ian Howells SEO Consultant

“If you’re a serious SEO looking to grow your business, this is for you”

Are you and SEO company or freelance SEO consultant looking to grow your client list?

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Many expert SEO’s depend on SEO Leads to fill their pipeline with qualified leads from great companies all over the world.

My first two clients through SEO Leads have proven to be some of the best I’ve ever worked with. The projects have grown to be 3x what I had initially thought – primarily through client referrals and expansion of an agency relationship.


If you’re a serious SEO looking to grow your business, this is for you. It is, quite literally, the only connection I needed to gain five long term projects from two initial introductions.


- Ian Howells, SEO Consultant

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