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    Unlike all of the other SEO Lead sellers, our leads aren’t mined from 3rd party sites. We qualify and process all leads ourselves and then deliver them immediately to our network, within 24 hours.
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    The application takes only a couple minutes to complete and you can begin receiving leads immediately.
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    New leads that match your criteria are delivered right to your inbox as soon as they come in.
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How Does it Work?

Once you’re signed up as an SEO Leads Provider you will be matched with companies looking for the SEO services you provide.

Matches are made based on budget, experience, availability, core competencies, language, and sometimes location.

Once you are matched with an SEO shopper:

  1. You are emailed a project snapshot including the industry, website type, and budget.
  2. If you are interested, you respond to the email and we send you details including the website and campaign goals.
  3. You then will have the option to purchase the lead.
  4. Depending on which type of lead you purchase, we will either make an introduction or send along the contact details.

Lead Pricing

All of our leads are available as:


Cost: $25 to $30 per lead, depending on quantity (see full details on our parent site at by clicking the following link:  SEO Lead Pricing)

Distribution: This lead is yours, and will not be re-sold, it is immediately removed from our database. We make a warm email introduction to the lead on your behalf.


Cost: $9 – 10 per lead

Distribution: This lead will be sold to you and 3 other SEO companies.

What Can I Earn?

As much as you like.

We do not get involved with how you price or provide your SEO services. We simply help company’s looking for SEO services find you.

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